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Friday, December 16, 2016


These two are just typical examples but you may do your own search yourself and when you have found what you want, then contact our team and they would help you complete your purchase - 08033858078
I wonder why smart people still waste a lot of money when buying their cars! Have you ever asked why cars from dealers are much more expensive to buy? I would break it down for you:

· You pay for the expensive rent in their choice location because that's included in your price!
· You pay for the expensive interest on the money they borrowed to stock the cars and that's also included in your price!
· You pay for the expensive car used by the owner of the car showroom and not to mention his mansion and that's also included in your price!
· You pay for their staff maintaining the environment and cleaning the cars daily; you pay for their expensive other costs called overhead!
· There are numerous other costs included in your price!
If you are buying a new car, may be you can afford all of that but if you are buying a used car, with your hard earned money then we would teach you the alternative!
In Europe and America, the internet has made it easier for sellers to boycott the dealers and sell the cars cheaper and quicker directly to potential buyers. So if you have your money, you can shop from US and Europe directly from the owners of the cars making it 60 to 80% cheaper in comparison with going directly to showroom dealers. How does it work? See below
We usually advice that US is the best place to buy cars because of the regulatory system which forces manufacturers to improve safety and other extras in their cars. However, cars from Europe are also good but may be slightly more expensive to buy although shipping cost is much lower from Europe to Nigeria
How to Buy Online From the USA and Europe
1. Source for The Car - Look for the car you want to buy online; it is a lot more easier and more efficient to search for cars online because you have the opportunity to search and check everything about the car including the VIN status.
There are so many website where you can search for your cars but we would like to use some of the most trusted website that pays attention to the actions of both private sellers and dealers. Here are some of our recommendations:-
www.copart.com - This website is very good for used cars. You get the whole details information about the car, if it needs fixing or what is needed to be fixed.
AutoTrader.com - This is the website where most of our customers get their cars!
It's quite comprehensive and the dealers do elaborate and upload enough pictures that help you see detailed view of the vehicle's physical condition. They even upload videos of the cars so you can watch and have better view of what the car looks like
Yahoo Autos - Another great place for us and one used by most people in the world. It's probably the best website where you can search for any kind of cars on the internet and gives more details than you will ever need. A single search will give you all the information you need about any car and much more, including the VIN information on the spot.
eBay Autos - Like Yahoo Autos, it has everything you need for a car search and returns all the detailed results. It is one of the biggest car marketplace on the internet.
Gumtree.com - Located in the UK but still sell LEFT HAND DRIVE cars at affordable rates. Some people with very low budget do buy Right Hand Drive which is as cheap as £300 for a good running car and then convert it in Lagos. Please note that you need a very good mechanic to do it very well. We know a few of them at Ladipo!
Contact The Seller - Armed with all the details you need about the car you want to buy, the next step is to contact the dealer to close the deal
We help you verify that the vehicle is exactly as described and then pay for it. We ship it to Nigeria and hand over the bill of lading to you for clearing. It is your choice if you want us to clear it for you and you may then pick it up from our office.
Payments -You are allowed to pay in Naira at the current exchange rate.
We are sure that your next car would not cost you an arm and a leg as we have taken the middlemen out of the equation for you and if you are happy with the transactions then please tell us via our facebook page. You can also read some of the testimonials of our happy customers on our website. You may also get references from our past customers if you so wish.
Referrals - If you introduce your friends and family you may get a windfall of =N=20000 for every one that makes a purchase and a credit note of =N=10000 towards buying your own car too. This is our giveback to our community again as we usually try our best to reward your loyalty.
Samples of good value cars available right now:
Mannastores - Get Great Value
Ayo Benson Olarewaju FCCA FCA MBA

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