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Friday, December 16, 2016

How to Buy a Used Car from the UK

How to Buy a Used Car from the UK   - Left Hand Drive & Right Hand Drive Available
With the economic conditions in Nigeria hardly suitable for investing money in an expensive new car, more and more people are seeking to buy used cars. As a result, the used car sales have increased over the past three or four years as people seek affordable vehicles from the UK.

Getting the right car for yourself is important, regardless of whether you are buying a new or used one. There are a number of dealers in the UK that make used car sales. Hence, you have a number of options to choose from. Here are some tips on how to search and buy a used car (left hand drive or right hand drive)
Check the Car's Record
Checking the car's past record is important. You cannot be too sure about the dealer's claims regarding any of his cars. The car's history can be checked through one of the many companies that track car records. There have been numerous instances where the dealers who provide used car sales have led to buy cars that were not fit for sale or illegalMannastores.com office in UK will check it for you

Car Inspection
Car inspection has to be done before you sign the agreement and make the payment. Find a reliable mechanic and ask him to do a thorough examination of the car. Each and every part of the interior and exterior should be checked so that there is no chance of any oversight. Most sellers always list any minor issues a car might have. Mannastores.com office in UK will inspect it for you

The paperwork required when buying a car, especially in used car sales, can be a big hassle. The documentation has to be correct and foolproof or else you won't receive the title to the car. If any of the documents required are not provided by the dealer, call off the deal there and then.
These are some of the tips for buying a used car. Before making the final payment, negotiate because the dealers providing used car sales are willing to offer a bargain price.

You only have to send the website link of the uk you want to buy and we will carry out the above procedures.

Our service charge for buying and shipping your car to Lagos is (flat rate) £300
Moving your car from the seller to the seaport (either by tow or truck)£200
Shipping your car to Nigeria (Lagos Port) £500

List of UK website you can Buy Used/Nearly New Cars
(Always use E12 6BB has your zip code to determine the miles from our UK office)

We can also source for used cars among thousand of auction and private sellers in the UK. Just send an email to  mannamartonline@yahoo.com on the type and model of car you want and we will get back to you.

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