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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Buhari’s govt is rulership of the living by the dead – Fani-Kayode

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Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, Fomer Minister of Aviation has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari’s aide, Lauretta Onnochie. He said she was part of the reason the current administration is...
“corpsocracy”— rulership of the living by the dead.

Onochie had following the visit of the All Progressives Congress (APC) delegation to Buhari in London tweeted via her twitter account, “True, some media houses are broke but to have FFK who is on criminal trial as guest on national TV, is a slap on decency. We deserve better.
“God is bringing Nigeria to the point where criminals will be in jail, junkies in PDP will be in psychiatric hospital. Peace will reign.”
Fani-Kayode responding in a statement released by his spokesman, Jude Ndukwe, said, “We have seen a story making the rounds in the media quoting the aged personal assistant to Muhammadu Buhari, Lauretta Onochie, as saying some uncomplimentary things about Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, using her twitter handle.
“While we do not intend to respond to her so as not to drag ourselves to her level as we have detailed the personal assistant to the special assistant to the special adviser to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode to respond to her, we however find it curious that Lauretta is yet to heed our advice from the last time urging her to go for a facelift and regularly bathe with lime so as to have a semblance of a human being and reduce the hugely offensive odour that oozes from her fast deteriorating body as a result of uncontrollable and insatiable desire to always get hopelessly inebriated.
“At nearly 70 years of age, working as a PA to a 74-year old Buhari whose real age is believed to be in the mid-eighties, and reportedly married for the 5th time, Onochie, no doubt deserves our pity. We are now convinced why Buhari’s government is described as ‘ancestocracy’ which is a government of the senile, ‘corpsocracy’, rulership of the living by the dead, and ‘pictocracy’, which is a system of government where government officials are buried in the perpetual peddling of falsehood through the use of fake and recycled pictures just to immorally and corruptly perpetuate themselves in power at the expense of the common good.
“It is only a thief that thinks every other person is a thief. If not that Onochie’s paymasters are engaged in the unholy act of buying up media houses to promote their falsehood and cover up their corruption as is the case in Buhari’s sickness, Onochie would not think that media houses are giving FFK space in their outfits for pecuniary gains.
“We know where the latest fear of the presidency against FFK is coming from. We know why they want to embark on a puerile campaign to shut him out of the media.
“They have made several attempts to shut out his columns in many media houses, and that is because Onochie’s bosses fear the truth. They cannot stand FFK’s razor sharp truth against their ineffectual snail they call president with their ineffective lies.”

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