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Friday, June 09, 2017

Video: Mother beats her own daughter for accusing her mother's boyfriend wrongly...

A mother was caught on camera beating her daughter after the daughter accused her mother's boyfriend of touching her inappropriately. 43-year-old Larita Cosby punched her daughter mercilessly until the girl started to fight back too. In all this, onlookers did nothing even after the teenager started bleeding.

The girl's grandmother was also complicit in the abuse and accused her granddaughter of lying.

In the video, Larita can be seen pulling her daughter's short hair so hard as though she wanted to uproot them from her scalp. When Larita saw that people were filming, she warned them not to take screenshots.

"Don't screenshot cos this what y'all mama need to do," she said, looking at the crowd briefly then continued to beat the girl. 

Someone then asked the teenager what she did wrong and she replied: "Cos her boyfriend is a f****** stupid pervert"

At those words, Larita's mother, Tracy Griffin, called her granddaughter a "Liar". One onlooker, called Gigabyte, tried to separate the fight at the start but other onlookers asked him to leave them to fight.

According to reports, the mother's accused boyfriend claims it was the grandmother’s boyfriend who molested the child, not him. He also claimed that Larita and Tracy knew it was going on yet tried to hide it.

The girl ran away from home after the attack, then soon after, someone posted a photo of a girl seen lying on the road, having a seizure. People recognized her as the teenager who was abused by her mother. An ambulance later arrived to take her to the hospital.

This sad incident reportedly happened in Richmond, Virginia and Child Protective Services has now been made aware of the situation, but as the case is an ongoing investigation, no information can be released. There are reports that the grandmother and boyfriend have gone into hiding.

See the sad video below...

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