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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Mother killed her child over husband

A young mother allegedly fed her baby a teaspoon of salt, killing the 17-month old, in a bid to get her estranged husband back into her life, it has been reported.
Kimberly Martines' daughter Peyton died on Wednesday after being on life support since her mother allegedly fed her salt on July 31.
The baby suffered seizures and a fever from salt poisoning.
Martines, of South Carolina, has been charged with homicide by child abuse.
Her solicitor Barry Barnette reported that Martines said she had poisoned the baby to 'get her husband back into her life', 
Martines and her husband had earlier separated.

The family of Peyton Martines reportedly gave a statement, fondly remembering the toddler saying: 'Peyton was the most beautiful, happiest, loving baby ever. She never cried and was a silly baby making everyone laugh.
'You could not help but smile when you was around her. She was a little diva who loved her nails done and her favorite thing ever was Minnie Mouse...Her presence will always be with us...'
After her baby's death she may be facing up to 20 years in jail.

Hypernatremia, or salt poisoning, occurs when too much salt is present in the bloodstream, causing cells to shrink as water rushes out of them. 
This can lead to torn blood vessels as the cells are forced out of their normal location, according to WYFF 4. 
The imbalance of electrolytes can also cause fluid buildup in the lungs, as well as seizures and kidney damage. 
Hypernatremia most often occurs when people don't drink enough water. 
Infants are especially susceptible because their kidneys are too immature to process any added salt in their foods, according to the World Action on Salt and Health.

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