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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Spain appoints minister for sex in a bid to increase the country's brith rate

Spain has appointed it's first Minister of Sex, Edelmira Barreira whose job will be to get people to have sex more in order to reverse the country’s plummeting birth rate. Spain has one of the lowest birth rate among developed countries.The country is faced with a population crisis, with fewer births than deaths recorded for the first time last year. Since 2008, the number of births recorded in Spain has plunged by 18% According to experts, long working hours and a culture of eating late at night and going to bed after midnight are partly to blame for the nation’s sex famine.

Most Spanish women say they would like two or more children but in 2015 those aged 18 to 49 had an average of 1.3 children – well below the EU figure of 1.58.

The Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, appointed Barreira in the hopes that she would take measures hich would increase birth rates in the coming years. 

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