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Friday, May 26, 2017

Gov Okorocha plans to collaps APC

An open letter of resignation as a member of Imo State Development Council (SDC), by Uche Onyeagucha, an All Progressives Congress chieftain from Owerri zone, may have signaled the awaited crisis ahead 2019 elections in the state.
There have been fears of possible eruption of crisis in the State, especially within the ruling APC over an alleged plot by Governor Rochas Okorocha to install his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, as his successor.

The issue of which zone would produce the next governor of the state in 2019 has remained a delicate matter and a subject of concern to politicians in the state, especially those of them in APC and from Okigwe and Owerri zones, who have vowed never to allow the purported plot by Okorocha to install his son-in-law, as his successor materialise.
The governor and Nwosu both hail from the same zone (Orlu).
Onyeagucha, a former Owerri federal constituency House of Representatives member, may have let the cat out of the bag with his open letter to Okorocha.
He wrote, “I hereby write to resign my membership of the State Development Council (SDC) which appointment I was not offered to accept or reject from the outset.
“The reasons for my resignation are expressed below in as plain and simple language as possible to dispel every risk of ambiguity. Ordinarily, communications such as this are made through memos, but since it is common knowledge that you do not read such ‘irksome’ literature, I therefore chose to use this unconventional medium in the hope that your attention will be drawn to it one way or another. My reasons for resignation are as follows:
“1. Your selection of 305 persons (one per Ward) as SDC members is a mere political arrangement in your desperate attempt to foist Uche Nwosu, your son-in-law as the next governor of Imo State come 2019 despite the fact that he is from the same zone as yourself and Chief Achike Udenwa.
“2. You have used SDC members to mobilize our people to fill out fictitious empowerment and other forms through the office of your son-in-law as a way to garner admiration and make the masses see him as dispenser of State favour.
“3. I am no longer able to allow myself to be used as an instrument against Imo State workers and pensioners. I oppose your current plan to extort Imo pensioners of 50 per cent of their pension rights having previously extorted them of 30 per cent of their pensions and other workers’ salaries. A state that is incapable of paying her pensioners and other workers, her governor should not be moving around in private jet.
“4. I am no longer submitting myself to be used as an instrument to emasculate the State Civil Service which structure you have deliberately distorted and almost completely destroyed.
“5. Having fought against oppression and arbitrariness all my life as a Civil Rights activist, I’ve long observed that your administration has brazenly drifted towards dictatorship and despotism. Every effort to advice you in the contrary have failed. I am left with no option than to join forces with other progressive minds to stand up against your dictatorial tendencies.
“6. You have deliberately underfunded and emasculated our great party (APC) at every level. This is pronounced in the fact that no single branch of our Party in Imo State has a bus. Party offices of Wards and LGAs have been ceased by their landlords because you have refused to assist them to pay rents. Our Party State Headquarters is only but a shadow of what the State Office of a governing Party should be. All appeal to you on these matters has failed, making us to doubt your loyalty and support for APC which delivered you as Governor of Imo State.

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