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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dictionary.com adds 300 new words to its online database.

Dictionary.com has added 300 new words to its online database. The latest additions are a potpourri of hyphenations and slang terms you feel kind of embarrassed looking up, but do anyway because you are deeply uncool and language is moving into the future without you.

Three hundred words is a lot, so after the cut are the highlights:

·         420
·         alt-right
·         bitchface
·         cat café
·         cheat day
·         clicktivist
·         cold brew
·         dabbing
·         dad bod
·         friendiversary
·         hangry
·         K-pop
·         Kush
·         lightsaber
·         man bun
·         mic drop
·         petrichor
·         sext
·         slay
·         smackdown
·         stochastic terrorism
·         struggle bus
·         superfood
·         teachable moment
·         uncanny valley

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