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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Brother beats sister,mother-in-law and wife...

A Nigerian woman who wanted to remain anonymous sent a cry for help to relationship blogger Joro Olumofin.
In the message, the woman revealed that her brother inflicted injuries on her, and that their mother and his wife are also victims of his battery.

She sent the message so as to advise women not to remain in abusive relationships for the sake of their children. 
According to the lady, her parents were together for 30 years and during that time, her father beat her mother often and "treated her like rag 90% of the time".  Her brother who observed all this while growing up has now imbibed the attitude as he often beats up his wife, sister and even his mother. 
"He beat my mother several times, he beats his wife, she had to leave him before her case gets worse, he has beat me several times but now he has pulled the last straw." the woman wrote with photos of the wounds inflicted on her.
She said her brother attacked her because they had an argument. He slammed a beer mug on her face and it tore her ear and chin, and resulted in several stitches. 
She called on abusive men to desist from the action for the sake of their children and disclosed that she will no longer let her brother's abusive behavior slide. In conclusion, she said, plans are already in motion to ensure he never touches a woman again.
 Read the full message below...

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