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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Six days after release from prison, Turkish gunman who killed toddler is murdered at his wedding

Scottish toddler that was killed at a Turkish cafe in 2003  by a gunman, the murderer died after being shot at his own wedding. 

Daimi Akyuz, 46 had been sent to jail after he was found guilty of firing the shot that killed Alistair Grimason, while the toddler was sleeping in his pushchair.

A fight had broken out at the cafe over a mobile phone and Akyus shot, killing two people. The second person was Ali Bektas, a mobile salesman.

Akyus served less than his life sentence and got released from prison last week reportedly because the prisons were overflowing following the last attempted coup in the country, so old prisoners had to be released to make space for new ones. His wedding day was on Saturday and as he stepped outside for a cigarette, he was gunned down at his wedding venue.

Alistair's father, David, spoke to Daily Mail, revealing that he took no pleasure in the knowledge that his son's killer was killed.

He said:

 "I was told that he was at his wedding and stepped outside for a cigarette and someone came along and shot him. I don’t want to see anyone lose their life, especially in those sort of circumstances. It is ironic – he was not scared to use guns and that is how he was killed himself, but I don’t want to see that. We campaigned for a long time about gun crime in Turkey. 
"Some people might feel I should be pleased that he has been killed but I don’t take any comfort from that at all. I almost feel sorry for him in a way, or certainly for his family. He had two children and they have lost their father. I don’t take any joy in what has happened."
He continued,
 "I don’t understand why they would let out anyone who was as dangerous as he was. The first thing I felt was a bit of anger that he was out of prison. Thirteen-and-a-half years is about a third of the sentence he was supposed to have served. We always had that little peace of mind that he was being punished for his crime. That was his punishment – to be in jail."

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