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Friday, March 17, 2017

''My teenage years was bitter. I was raped as a teenager by an uncle" Woman hated by her father and raped by her uncle shares her story

This has got to be among the top in the list of the saddest parental neglect story ever told. Beat FM OAP Osi Suave shared the story sent to him by a lady, revealing how she lost her mother when she was only five and her father proceeded to neglect and treat her poorly all through her life.

Prior to her mother's death, she said she noticed her father hated her, though she was only a child, she could sense it but did not know why. After her mother's death, her brother who was still very little was taken by his grandmother, making it impossible for her to have a close relationship with him, while she stayed with her dad who let his hatred for her increase and left her to the care of maids. 
"My dad had this hate for me... I don't know what I did to him even when my mum was alive as a child I knew that this man didn't like me. He wasn't part of my life as a father. We had maids then who would frustrate me, won't give me food but I was too scared to inform my dad," she wrote.
With her brother gone, and a father who did not care about her, the girl became an easy target for predators. When she got raped by her uncle, due to the relationship gap between her and her father,  she could not inform her father for fear of being sent away from the only home she had.
"Osi, my teenage years was bitter. I was raped as a teenager by an uncle. I couldn't tell anyone... I dare not tell my father because I know he is capable of sending me out of his house for getting raped."
The lady went on to get admission into the university, but even at school she had no reprieve from the life of being taken advantage of. She revealed that she had a problem with lecturers and cultists who wanted to take advantage of her because she was beautiful. She ended up not graduating because of the travails resulting thereof. She had to run away from home afterwards. Prior to that, while in search of fatherly love, she got into a relationship with a man who abused her often.
"I seeked (sic) fatherly love outside. I fell in love with this guy who I dated for 6 years. I was looking for a boyfriend and a father in one. My ex would beat me, call me all sorts of names, even tell me I have a useless father who cannot look after my wellbeing."
Read the rest of the sad story below...

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