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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Paramedic guy accused of sexually assaulting female colleagues while on duty ‘had erection as he drove ambulance’

A male paramedic David Lee, 31, has been accused of groping the breasts of his female colleague and having an erection while she fetched kit from their ambulance to treat a patient. The 26-year-old female witness said on Tuesday in court: 

“He started to become a bit sleazier and flirtatious as the shift went on.He was like a puppy that always needed attention.  He got some gloves down my top and asked if he could help get them back. I was exhausted.

“He said to me ‘this is what you do to me’ and pointed down at his crotch. He had an erection in the ambulance while he was driving. He just kept asking if I would touch it – saying that if I did then he’d leave me alone. He took his penis out of his trousers. He exposed himself. I laughed in disbelief. Later he grabbed my breasts over my clothing — it was like a bear hug from behind.”
She said:
“He came up behind me and grabbed my breasts over my clothing and started thrusting his penis onto my bum. It was like a bear hug from behind.”It just came out of nowhere.”
Lee's defence counsel David Moggach accused the witness of engaging in “flirtatious behavior” with Lee and wondered why she didn't come forward since or report to her manager when she noticed the behavior from Lee, to which she denied the allegations totally.
The woman replied: “That’s a complete lie. I felt too intimidated to come forward.”
Prosecutors claim Lee groped the breast of four of his colleagues  and spoke to them in an inappropriate sexual manner while at work.
The incidents happened between 2013-2015 and Lee has denied 15 sex offences against five women at the sheriff court of Westhill, near Aberdeen.
Source: Daily Record/ Sun UK

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